"2007: Peak Oil - The EV Imperative"
The report is now available.

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The Zinc Air Solution
July 2007: Following our White Paper "The Trouble with Lithium", we now publish "The Zinc Air Solution".

Lithium is a niche material unsuited for global (PH)EV production. The only viable mass-market EV power technology is ZnAir - used as either a Fuel Cell or Secondary Battery.


The Trouble with Lithium 2: Under the Microscope
June 2008: A detailed analysis of global Lithium Resources, potential Lithium Carbonate production and market constraints.

The whitepaper can now be downloaded.


Ice Detection Film
March 2006: The formation of Ice on aircraft is a major hazard to aviation. Meridian has designed a film that changes colour in the presence of ice (not just low temperature) to give a visual warning of ice. This technology is available for licensing or test and development.


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