The End of the Age of Oil 2005 - 2025

This report 2007: Peak Oil - The EV Imperative provides a detailed analysis of the technologies which can be implemented to reduce Global Oil Consumption over the next 20 years.

50% of the world's oil is consumed by Road Transport. While no other sector can quickly improve fuel efficiency, road transport can.

The average fuel efficiency of Motor Cars in the USA is only 20.68 mpg - worse than the Model T Ford.

The report shows that Fuel Cells and Biofuels are not an answer.

Only Electric Vehicles can reduce oil consumption quickly enough to maintain personal mobility and the transport infrastructure of the modern world.

The report covers:

  • Realistic Oil Production Outlook, Reserves Inflation, Oil Shales
  • Hybrid EV Technologies and Developments
  • Current /Future Battery EV Programmes and Economics
  • Battery Technology Developments- NiMH, Lithium Ion, Zebra and Lithium Sulphur
  • Fuel Cell Vehicle viability and Biofuel viability
  • Strategy Scenarios to reduce Oil Consumption
  • Measures for the critical Air Transport sector

Who Should Read this Report?

This report will be invaluable to everyone involved in the Energy Sector or who is concerned with assuring our future energy supply. It is particularly designed for Policy Makers, NGOs, Investment Banks or those who wish to obtain a rapid understanding of the Peak of Oil Production and the concrete measures that can be taken to deal with it. It gives a detailed comparison of the existing technologies which can be implemented to reduce oil consumption and the implications for other resources (lithium, nickel, zinc, biofuel plants, arable land, electricity production) as oil production falls.

You can download the Table of Contents and some extracts from the report by clicking on the button below.

The report has 208 Pages, 65 Figures and 35 Tables.

The report costs €2,500 or US$3,300. This report is not available on-line.

For more information and to Order the report, please telephone +33 2 32 42 95 49 or email
Peak Oil - EV Imperative


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