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Meridian International is launching a series of reports that will be released over the next 18 months. These reports will form the "World Thinker" series: a collection of reports that addresses some of the most serious and urgent problems facing mankind in the early 21st Century.

Click_here_for_Peak_OilThe first report "2007: Solving Peak Oil" is now available. To order your copy online click on the link or the graphic.

The second report "2007: Peak Oil - The Electric Vehicle Imperative" will be a more detailed version of the first, going into more technical and market details. It will be completed for pre-subscribers only in late October to November 2005.

The next report will address the global disaster of Nuclear Power and the urgent need to apply known technology to neutralise the thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste that have accumulated around the globe for over 60 years. It will lay out the blueprint for a new generation of safe nuclear reactors that cannot be used for military purposes, that can clean up the stocks of accumulated radioactive waste and can ensure mankind's energy security for generations to come.

The report after that will lay out a Blueprint for Civil Aviation in the 21st Century. The technologies exist and have existed for decades to greatly improve the performance, safety, comfort and economics of airliners. As oil supplies fall in the first half of this century, the case for applying these Advanced Aerodynamic and Propulsion Technologies will become stronger and stronger.

The next report will cover what is loosely termed "The New Physics". For nearly 100 years we have known that everyday physical reality is illusory. Application of the discoveries of Quantum and Wave Mechanics and Chaos Theory promises the possibility of technological advance that will make the 20th Century look primitive. The study will address how the application of 20th Century Technology took a number of poor commercial choices and how instead true Life Enhancing Technologies can be developed to advance Human Civilisation.

The report after that will cover Global Agriculture. It will lay out how Agriculture can be changed to be sustainable, in harmony with nature, yet enhance productivity and end food shortages in areas of marginal climactic conditions. It will show how the deserts of the world can and must at least partially be reclaimed as productive land. Global reafforestation, the end to the experiment with GMOs, replacements for fertiliser, herbicide and insecticides, changes in diet and the food industry to a sustainable, healthy future as well as an industrial future to replace fossil oil.


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